Steam and Hot Water
Steam and Hot Water

Our Services :

  • Energy auditing that identifies areas of utility system inefficiency

  • Engineering design for utility project improvements

  • Complete utility operations and maintenance responsibilities

  • Turnkey installation

  • Project management

  • Financing for utility upgrade projects

  • Measurement and verification of energy projects

  • Complete steam system training

As a global leader in utility system optimization, Armstrong recognizes that every business has distinctly different operations, priorities, budgets and core competencies. That’s why we emphasize flexibility as a key ingredient in our individual solutions—based on site-specific details.

Armstrong will work with you to assess your system and identify your needs. During this process, we’ll look at your operation from top to bottom. For example, we’ll review steam generation/distribution, condensate return systems, compressed air generation/distribution, systems for heating and cooling water, water/wastewater treatment—to name only a few.

When we have identified your needs, we can review a number of options to meet your short- and long-term requirements. Whatever your individual solution, you can be sure it will be built to withstand today’s tough competitive tests:

  • Contain or reduce costs

  • Reduce production downtime

  • Ensure system reliability

  • Improve use of human resources

  • Maximize assets

  • Complement your core business

  • Drive shareholder value

  • Reinforce environmental commitment

  • Be effective on a global basis

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Steam and Hot Water Products
Steam and Hot Water Products

Steam, Air & Hot Water Products Hard-working products are at the heart of every Armstrong solution in steam, air or hot water. Built around them, of course, is a network of education, training and service. But every system solution begins with a smart, practical product that solves a problem.

Armstrong innovations and improvements in product design and function have led to savings in time, energy and money. We also provide unparalleled application assistance and training. And our factory-trained Sales Representatives are backed by in-house specialists ready to assist with special or difficult requirements.

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